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Jun 19
Andie Video Comments Off on ‘A Place for My Head’

Back in March, Jennifer had the exciting opportunity to perform a song with Mike Shinoda during his concert in Berlin. She took over the parts originally done by Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s late singer, during the song “A Place for My Head” – video below!

Jul 18
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Since the last post here, a few things have happened concerning Jennifer Rostock and its members:

  • Christoph and Nico’s new band Gray Noir announced their first few show dates for the summer.
  • Jennifer is a judge on season 4 of X Factor Germany, along with Iggy Uriarte/Lions Head, Sido, and Thomas Anders.
  • Alex has gotten married! The wedding took place last week; congratulations to the happy couple!
  • The release date for physical copies (DVD and BluRay) of “Jennifer Rostock Bleibt” has been pushed back twice; once to 07 September, then again to 21 September. The digital release date has remained the same.

Along with this, the following celebrated their birthdays since May:

  • 20 May: “iTunes Festival: Berlin” – this iTunes-only EP turned 10 years old (2008)
  • 31 May: Christoph celebrated his birthday
  • 10 June: “Irgendwo Anders” – the second single released from the band’s second album, “Der Film,” turned 8 years old (2010)
  • 12 June: “Feuer” – the second [official] single released by the band, and second from their debut album, “Ins Offene Messer,” turned 10 years old (2008)
  • 25 June: “Du Willst Mir an die Wäsche” – the first single released from “Der Film” turned 9 years old (2009)
  • 09 July: “Der Film” – the band’s second album turned 9 years old (2009)
  • 14 July: “Mein Mikrofon” – the first single from the band’s third album, “Mit Haut und Haar,” turned 7 years old (2011)
  • 19 July: “Du Willst Mir an die Wäsche (ft. Sido)” – the first single from the band’s first live CD/DVD, “Live in Berlin,” turned 6 years old (2012)
  • 28 July (next week): – “Mit Haut und Haar” – the third album turns 7 years old (2011)

May 18
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And so, the Best Of Tour is over, which means the Jennifer Rostock hiatus has begun. Jennifer is in Bali on a well-deserved vacation, Joe is working with other musical artists on their respective studio albums, and Christoph and Nico’s new band Gray Noir released their first music video today, titled “Black Death.”

At the final concert, it was revealed that a fan action put together, not only set a German record, but a world record, as well, for the most messages to a band. Alex also appeared at the Berlin shows to join the band during each performance of “Die guten alten Zeiten.”

In other news, the physical version of “JENNIFER ROSTOCK BLEIBT” is now available for pre-order from various sellers; on Amazon, the Blu-Ray copy has already reached #1 in the Rock from Germany album category, with the DVD coming in at #2:

  • Amazon:

  • Jennifer Rostock store:

  • JPC:

May 18
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Jennifer Rostock revealed on 10 May that a new live DVD will be recorded during two of the final shows in Berlin this coming weekend; at the moment, only the MP3 version of the album can be pre-ordered from, but a physical copy will be available for pre-order starting Monday, 14 May, with an expected release date of 17 August 2018. Translated into English, the band’s Facebook post announcing the DVD is as follows:

HEY! Surprise! We’re recording a new live DVD. It answers to the name of “JENNIFER ROSTOCK BLEIBT.” [note: “JENNIFER ROSTOCK REMAINS.”] and captures this incredible Best Of Tour on celluloid for all eternity. Or even Blu Ray. Or DVD. Or pixel. The bundle is available to pre-purchase digitally as of today, in all other variants starting Monday! No boxes, no bullshit. 100% real feelings.

The tracklist, as it stands now on Amazon, is as follows:

  1. Kopf oder Zahl (Live 2018)
  2. Feuer (Live 2018)
  3. Himalaya (Live 2018)
  4. Du willst mir an die Wäsche (Live 2018)
  5. Es tut wieder weh (Live 2018)
  6. Irgendwo anders (Live 2018)
  7. Es war nicht alles schlecht (Live 2018)
  8. Mein Mikrofon (Live 2018)
  9. Der Kapitän (Live 2018)
  10. Ich kann nicht mehr (Live 2018)
  11. Ein Schmerz und eine Kehle (Live 2018)
  12. K.B.A.G. (Live 2018)
  13. Schlaflos (Live 2018)
  14. Wir sind alle nicht von hier (Live 2018)
  15. Kaleidoskop (Live 2018)
  16. Irgendwas ist immer (Live 2018)
  17. Deiche (Live 2018)
  18. Wir waren hier (Live 2018)
  19. Hengstin (Live 2018)
  20. Alles cool (Live 2018)
  21. Haarspray (Live 2018)
  22. Die guten alten Zeiten (Live 2018)
  23. Video: Part 1 (Live 2018)
  24. Video: Part 2 (Live 2018)
  25. Video: Part 3 (Live 2018)
  26. Video: Part 4 (Live 2018)
  27. Video: Part 5 (Live 2018)

If you live in Germany, you can pre-order the digital version of “Jennifer Rostock bleibt” here.

May 18
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Just four shows left for Jennifer Rostock in the Best Of Tour – one more in Leipzig followed by the three in Berlin – before the band take their hiatus. Fourteen of the twenty-one dates of the tour sold out – resulting in a 7,000-person audience in Hamburg, the largest for any of the band’s concerts to date!

I’m working on getting photos from the tour uploaded to the gallery, as well as any other photos I’ve managed to download since the last upload day.

Mar 18
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Seven videos have now been uploaded to Jennifer Rostock’s Facebook page featuring covers of their songs by other artists, with more to come. So far, the covers released are:

Tomorrow’s cover will be of “Haarspray,” with the artist still unannounced.

A new date has also been added to the Best Of Tour, 28 March in Cassiopeia, Berlin, for a warm-up show – the tickets sold out in a minute!

**Edit: This post has been edited to include each new cover.

Mar 18
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Just three and a half more weeks until the final Jennifer Rostock tour begins in Linz, Austria. Eight shows are now sold out, with three additional shows to give fans another chance to see them. It also appears that Elmar will be joining the band onstage this year.

In other news, Jennifer Rostock announced today that they will be releasing covers of their songs by bands they’ve grown close to in celebration of their tenth year together. The first song, “Nichts tät ich lieber,” will be out tomorrow, but the artist has yet to be revealed. (Each band that covers a song will feature a special “Best of Jennifer Rostock” jacket before passing it along to the next artist.)

Nov 17
Andie Band Update, Best Of Tour 2018, Die guten alten Zeiten, Music Video, New Video Comments Off on The Good Old Times

Sad news today with the release of the music video to “Die guten alten Zeiten” – Jennifer Rostock are taking an indefinite hiatus. The band posted the video (I’ll post a link that works outside of Germany as soon as I can find one) along with the below message:

Dear ones,

as you’ve probably noticed, the past few days have been shaped by nostalgia and memories on our side. We’re looking back at wonderful shared times and it’s really everything except easy for us to write these here lines. Some of you have already guessed this when you first listened to this song on the album. After 10 years of non-stop Jennifer Rostock, we’re taking a break. We aren’t stopping. We’re all bubbling with ideas. Ideas that didn’t all pass in the JR framework. Ideas that you can’t just achieve on the side and in passing. We’re all going to keep making music, in different configurations. And besides, one thing is sure – at some point, we will see each other again as Jennifer Rostock.

Don’t worry yourselves: we’ve been a family for a decade by now and it’ll stay that way. There are either quarrels, drug withdrawals or unwanted pregnancies. It just takes some air to breathe so that we can devote ourselves to Project Rostock with full dedication in the future.

We’re grateful for each of you. Everyone who accompanied us on the most exciting journey of our lives up until this point. Whether you’ve been there for a few years – like many of you – or even since the beginning. Without you, our music would be nothing more than tones and words. You bring them to life. You share your stories that you connect with our music. You point out again and again that music is more than just music. You are always a part of us.

Out next tour will be our last for now. Come by to celebrate the old songs with us one last time. And to kick off THE GOOD OLD TIMES.

For a final (for the time being) “Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke,”
your Rostocker.

For those who need the dates again for the Best Of Tour:

  • March 30: Posthof, Linz, AUT
  • March 31: Volkshaus, Zurich, CHE
  • April 05: Saarlandhalle, Saarbrücken, GER
  • April 06: Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, GER
  • April 07: Zenith, Munich, GER
  • April 12: Moya, Rostock, GER
  • April 13: Swiss Life Hall, Hanover, GER
  • April 14: Maimarktklub, Mannheim, GER
  • April 19: EmslandArena, Lingen, GER
  • April 20: Mitsubishi Electric Hall ,Düsseldorf, GER
  • April 21: Sporthalle, Hamburg, GER
  • April 27: Stadthalle, Fürth, GER
  • April 28: Gasometer, Vienna, AUT
  • April 30: Thüringenhalle, Erfurt, GER
  • May 04: Alter Schlachthof, Dresden, GER
  • May 05: Haus Auensee, Leipzig, GER
  • May 11: Columbiahalle, Berlin, GER
  • May 12: Columbiahalle, Berlin, GER

Edit (Nov. 18 2017): The music video for “Die guten alten Zeiten” has been made available for viewing outside of Germany. Here’s the link.

Nov 17
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As the title suggests, a new music video to a song from “Worst Of Jennifer Rostock” is premiering soon: The video to “Die guten alten Zeiten” will be released this Wednesday, 15 November!

Oct 17
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Jennifer Rostock were in Usedom shooting a music video yesterday; Jennifer mentioned that they filmed at her old house, as well as an abandoned building where she and Joe had shot two music videos back when they were still Aerials. According to her, they’re only filming in places “where Joe and [she] have memories” this weekend, and they went to film at their old school.

Any ideas on which song it is?