Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Jennifer Rostock at Pfingst-Open-Air: “It’s Very Loud Here”


Since yesterday, martial law rules in Salching: Pfingst-Open-Air is happening there until Sunday night. On this Saturday, the band Jennifer Rostock is rocking the main stage at 10:45 pm. The musical group is looking forward to their performance. “When the people want to have fun and show us that, then a festival’s awesome,” says Jennifer Weist, front singer from Jennifer Rostock. “And in the moment we go onstage, it doesn’t matter how many people listen to us. We just want to have a good night,” adds keyboarder Joe Walter.

The setup for today’s performance from Jennifer Rostock already began at 11:30 am. “That’s much earlier than with most bands,” explains Katharina Kasipovic-Rauecker, spokeswoman for Pfingst-Open-Air. “A gigantic show is waiting for the visitors,” she promises.

Singer Jennifer Weist, keyboarder Joe Walter and bassist Christoph Deckert, whom we met in the afternoon for an interview, make this promise, too. The latter looked around the festival grounds and stated: “The people look pretty done.” Otherwise, it’s very loud here, adds Jennifer Weist.

In January 2014, the musicians brought out their fourth studio album “Schlaflos,” their EP “Kaleidoskop” on top of that in December. Beside the songs from these CDs, visitors to Pfingst-Open-Air are expecting some older songs, too, at today’s performance. “When we go on tour, we like to change the songs and make them fresh again,” singer Jennifer Weist reveals.

Whether “Tauben aus Porzellan,” “Himalaya” or “Du willst mir an die Wäsche” – we’re anxious with which songs the five-person band will set the atmosphere on this Saturday evening at Pfingst-Open-Air in Salching.

A full text about the interview with Jennifer Rostock and their performance at Pfingst-Open-Air is available Tuesday in the Jugendseite Freistunde in all local issues of the Straubinger Tagblatts and the Landshuter Zeitung.

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