Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Jennifer Rostock in Zurich


After the sensational and much-celebrated performance by Jennifer Rostock at this year’s “Greenfield Festival,” the Swiss audience has noisily been eager for seconds and so we’re happily able to present Jennifer Rostock in Exil in Zurich, on Thursday, 15 September 2016, as part of their “Stress on Wheels Club Tour.” Unlike nearly any other German band, the chosen-Berliners Jennifer Rostock understand getting to the heart of things that also hit home, with necessary wordplay! Unmistakeable and irrevocable. And that’s good as-is. It fits their distinctive, snotty, electronically-influenced pop-rock that barely leaves time for a breath in between. Except where the fans are given a short break with goosebump-inducing-numbers like “Schlaflos.” And then full throttle again. Obvious, if you’re as charged up as exceptional frontwoman Jennifer Weist. Whoever’s experienced her live knows what it’s all about. With incredible energy, she takes the audience on a rock’n’roller coaster with the band, and you constantly have the feeling of flying straight off after the next curve. Mandatory seat belts are normally effective. They don’t have those, luckily. It doesn’t matter if it’s festivals like “Greenfield,” “Hurricane,” “Southside,” or “Rocco del Schlacco,” [sic] just to name a select few, none of them want to relinquish the fans’ long-awaited performances from the “Rostocks.” And the group isn’t just a highlight at festivals, proven by the band’s mostly-sold-out tours, because the path taken in the past few years will consequently be taken again: More rigor, more experiments! Not at all radio-friendly, all the more groomed for live. Jennifer Rostock and their audiences know where their songs belong: In the mosh pit – and “when the vodka rings twice,” then Jennifer Weist rightly sings “it wasn’t all bad.”

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