Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Jennifer Rostock – Kaleidoskop


The successful release of the last album “Schlaflos” doesn’t even date back a year, and JENNIFER ROSTOCK are already burning the next coals in the cauldron. There isn’t just an EP containing four new songs in the acoustic coil right on time with the fall tour – this also represents the first release on the band’s own label of the same name: Kaleidoskop.

Blessed with all of the freedoms that such a step enables a band, the beaten path of the last few years will consequently be pursued further: More rigor, more experiments! Not at all radio-friendly, all the more groomed for live. JENNIFER ROSTOCK know where their songs belong: In the mosh pit. True to this logic, there will be an EP to be purchase only on the corresponding tour from November 8 first. Limited, as a thank you for all of the true souls who have filled the band’s concert halls for years. Chart relevance and sales numbers. Awards or front pages – all of that doesn’t belong here. “Kaleidoskop” is designed for the front line.

Some old companions throw in their contributions to the collector’s bundle, as well. Nico (“War from a Harlots Mouth”), who already screamed up a new era of JENNIFER ROSTOCK in 2011 on “Es war nicht alles schlecht”, is allowed to empty his lungs again on the title track “Kaleidoskop”. Additionally, with producer Flo Nowak, a long-standing colleague sat at the controls and styled together with the band the dirtiest sound dress the five had slipped on to date.

Whoever’s tasted blood but has no ticket for the upcoming tour to call their own, is already looked after, because on December 3, 2014, multiple events start happening very fast: Jennifer has a birthday and survives the 27 surrounded in myth, the final concert of the year characteristically occurs the night before in Rostock and “Kaleidoskop” will be shipped to all preorderers! Besides that, the EP will be available digitally in the shops starting December 5.

The others can hit pause, but JENNIFER ROSTOCK are staying on fast forward. For many, this might be a threat, the others can already look forward to 2015 at this point.

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