Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Jennifer Rostock: New at Four Music

It’s been two years since Jennifer Rostock released their album “Schlaflos.” Now the band is coming back with their new fifth album “Genau in diesem Ton,” released 09 September 2016. But Jennifer Rostock don’t just have a new album on hand, but also a new label, namely Four Music. The new album, the new label, the jump into cold water and resulting shivers, all of that flows into an album that couldn’t be more radical.

There’s already a small taste: The video to the album’s first single “Irgendwas ist immer” celebrates its current premiere. For the video, Jennifer Rostock worked with video director Justin Izumi, who perfectly grasped the attitude of the album with strong visuals.

Everything, But Not in a Cookie-Cutter Approach

“Genau in diesem Ton” is a musical pamphlet. Every single song celebrates the lust and the pressure to go further than before. The perseverance is heard in the sound, too. You hear a band that roughly dances the night away playing together, and that’s why the album eludes any production dogmas or rules of the genre game. Everything as it should be, every song where it wants to go. Because they loved the drum sound on a Defeater album, they googled the recording studio, took the headphones in their hand and sat with Jason Maas in the studio a week later. German punk producer Vincent Sorg and mixing expert Moritz Enders rounded out the sound: The mosh pit parts explode, the pop refrains take off, and the eagerness to experiment leads to an unknown shore.

Jennifer Rostock place out what their world means again, and they aren’t alone with that. Obviously… and luckily. In order to love the band, you have to kind of swim out from the shallow waters and gear up for the waves. But when you calmly breathe again, you’re still up without any help at all. Leave the swimmies at home, have faith. That’s what it’s about. It’s worth it.

“Genau in diesem Ton” can be preordered now.