Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Jennifer Rostock: New Single “Irgendwas ist Immer” Plus Video
Some stuff is forever! Well, not really… JRo have made themselves a bit scarce these past few months. But we know why today at the latest: Their now-fifth studio album is finished and the first song from it is ready for listening! Other than that, a new motto: The route is the goal!
“Friends, you’ve noticed that we’ve made ourselves a bit scarce these past few months. There was a reason: A lot has changed for us and we needed the time to find ourselves again. We spent days and nights in the rehearsal room and the studio, shed sweat and schnapps and clawed out everything from our hearts and synapses.”
That’s how Jennifer Weist and her boys reported themselves to their fans last week. The rediscovery seems to be successful, because compared to the basic sound of their last album “Schlaflos” this one quickly goes louder, wilder and harder to the point with the first number. So it should be, because the sun shines bright and life is hard! There’s always just salad at the salad bar… so get to the buffet …
Whether it will stay in this exact tone on the new album, we’ll figure out when the piece comes out on 09 September 2016. But maybe Jennifer Rostock will let us hear more stuff from “Genau in diesem Ton” during their performance at the FM4 Frequency Festival presented by VOLUME.