Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Jennifer Weist (Jennifer Rostock) in an Interview Without Words


Why do you like showing your breasts onstage?

Singer Jennifer Weist over emancipation, equal rights and her most unnecessary tattoo.

Born: 3rd December 1986 in Wolgast
Occupation: Singer
Education: A-Levels
Status: I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want

“Only the stupidest calves choose their own butcher,” that’s the refrain of one of her most recent songs. The butchers in this case AfD politicians, the calves their voters: Shortly before the vote in their home of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (and shortly before the release of their new album Genau in diesem Ton), Jennifer Weist recorded an anti-AfD song with her keyboarder and shared it on Facebook. The song was clicked 15.8 million times and liked by more than 267,000 users since then. With the action, band Jennifer Rostock didn’t just show their (admittedly expected) political stance – Gregor Gysi also clicked the like button -, but also a sense for marketing. Spreading a message and selling a few thousand more CDs shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, as singer Jennifer Weist has proved for the past few years: She shows her breasts assertively, sometimes for feminism, sometimes to support the animal welfare group Peta; it’s most likely just that she grew up in a nudist paradise, namely Usedom. Maybe you can say it this way: The band Jennifer Rostock and their singer are a bit louder than other German bands, but never so loud that you have to cover your ears.