Jennifer Rostock U.S.
What Keeps You Running?

What keeps you running?
I stand onstage and everyone’s looking at me, I want to look defined and feel good. When I look at my body in the mirror, then I think I’m beautiful. That motivates me to keep going to training everyday. I do a lot of sports, mainly with weights in a fitness studio, then I try to go running once or twice and go to yoga. I think that summarizes everything pretty well: strength training, endurance, relaxation.

What do you think about when running?
I try to clear my mind when running because I don’t run for fun. I run to better myself. If I run between 7 and 10 kilometers, for example, then I can’t listen to more music. I just concentrate on nature and myself.

What has to be on a running playlist?
I have a run playlist on Spotify. It’s called We own the night: There’s Carly Rae Jepsen, Farid Bang or Kollegah, for example. And of course Haftbefehl with I roll with my best.

What keeps you going in life?
My job is my life, first and foremost. It’s my passion and I live for it. My career is diverse and I love it so much. I’m grateful that every day is new and that I always have something different to do: Stand onstage with the band, be awesome, here a photoshoot, there an interview, my show – that keeps me interested and motivates me. And besides that, I have my dog, Whiskey. He keeps me running, too, and makes me happy.

What was the biggest challenge in your life?
I’m putting this in the center: existing in the music branch. It’s a fast-paced business, you come and go – the fact I can soon celebrate the tenth band anniversary with my band Jennifer Rostock, is amazing. Questions always come along like: Can you make another album? Can you play another tour? Will you stand onstage again? As a musician, you live with the fact that it could always end. And it’s always a challenge for me because I never have certainty in what I do.

What stands out as a strong woman for you?
There are unfortunately aren’t many women in the music business. When I started, it was different. Over the years, it’s all been rationalized. I see myself as one of the last powerful women in the music branch. I want to show people that I can be just as tough as a frontman. I go onstage half-naked because I like my body and I can do what I want with it.