Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Jan 16
Andie Band Update, Genau in diesem Ton Comments Off on Boston, Here She Comes! / Warm Feet for All

Last week, I posted that the four boys of the band were off to Boston, and that I didn’t know when Jennifer would join them. Earlier today, she posted a photo on Instagram with the (translated) caption “passing through isn’t my thing. but now i’m sitting in amsterdam and waiting for my flight to boston. boys freshen up, mama’s coming!”


The band also posted a video today about strassen|feger’s non-profit, which provides a bed and food to the homeless. They’ve also started an online fundraiser for the cause, with a goal of 10,000€ (they’re almost at 2,000€ right now). You can donate here.

[A translation of the description posted on the donation page will be added here later on once I can figure it out.]

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