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Jul 21, 18   Andie   Comments Off on New Updates in the World of JR

Since the last post here, a few things have happened concerning Jennifer Rostock and its members: Christoph and Nico’s new band Gray Noir announced their first few show dates for the summer. Jennifer is a judge on season 4 of X Factor Germany, along with Iggy Uriarte/Lions Head, Sido, and Thomas Anders. Alex has gotten […]

May 22, 17   Andie   Comments Off on Open Airs, Open Airs! Festivals, Festivals!

Just 18 days until the start of Jennifer Rostock’s Genau in diesem Ton Open Air tour and 25 days until the start of their festival summer – time is flying! Along with their fifth appearance at both Hurricane Festival and Southside Festival, Jennifer Rostock will be playing their first show at both Love Music Festival and Rock im […]

Sep 07, 16   Andie   Comments Off on One Short Day…

Tomorrow is the day Genau in diesem Ton is finally released! The Stressen auf Rädern club tour is already on its way to stop #3 – Berlin – after having begun on Tuesday. Some people have noticed a change in the band’s line-up from the two shows that were already played, but it was soon explained: The reason […]

Jun 14, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Two Down, Six to Go

Two festivals are already over, with six more left for the summer: Hurricane, Southside, Helene Beach, Rocco del Schlacko, Open Flair, and FM4 Frequency! At Greenfield, as with Sputnik Spring Break, another letter was held up for the band’s post-show selfie – an I this time. Whether this is indeed their way of slowly announcing the album title […]

May 31, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Happy 33rd Birthday, Christoph!

Happy birthday, Christoph! (Original photo is by Susanne Raith.)

May 09, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Sneak Peek of Today’s Photoshoot

Jennifer posted a shot on Facebook and Instagram of herself during today’s photoshoot, and a few photos and videos on Snapchat. Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to download the videos, but you can find the Facebook/Instagram photo and one from her Snapchat below: EDIT: I added a photo from Christoph’s Snapchat, as well as […]

Apr 15, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Gallery Update – “April 13 2016: Semester Auftakt Party”

I added 90 new photos to the gallery under the category Other » 2016, containing photos from Wednesday night’s Semester Auftakt Party in Tivoli Freiberg. Jennifer and Christoph provided a DJ set as Jennifer Rostock Beauty Division. The entire album of what I uploaded can be viewed here. Jennifer also stated on her Snapchat (@maerjungfrau) that she […]

Mar 29, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Photography Book ‘Nothing to Hide’ with Jennifer and Chris

Photographer Arkadiusz Goniwiecha released his first photobook last month called ‘Nothing to Hide.’ The photos are of various celebrities’ hand tattoos, and a description goes with each that includes the explanation behind the tattoo(s). Two of those celebrities are Jennifer Weist and Chris “Kotze” Kohl; in a preview to the book (the preview is available here), […]

Mar 22, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Jennifer’s Look for Spring 2016

Through her Snapchat – @maerjungfrau – Jennifer revealed her new pink hair. How long it’ll last, I don’t know, but until then, Jennifer Rostock’s lovely singer now has Zuckerwattehaare – Cotton candy hair!           (The first thumbnail/image is from Ich pfeif’ drauf, ich pfeif’ mir lieber noch n’ Sekt rein on Facebook.)