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Jun 25, 16   Andie   Comments Off on No Southside

Yesterday, severe storms at Hurricane Festival resulted in several bands’ performances being cancelled, including Jennifer Rostock’s. Today, the band announced that their performance at Southside Festival – scheduled for tomorrow – will not be happening, either, as the entire festival was cancelled. Whether any dates will be scheduled as makeups, I cannot say. However, I can say that […]

Jun 24, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Storms at Hurricane

Jennifer Rostock were scheduled to play at Hurricane Festival today from 18:30 through 19:15 (GMT+1). However, due to inclement weather, all performances were paused for two hours, and it was later announced that the missed performances would unfortunately be cancelled. According to Jennifer, this is the first time in the band’s nine-year history that they have been unable […]

Jun 14, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Two Down, Six to Go

Two festivals are already over, with six more left for the summer: Hurricane, Southside, Helene Beach, Rocco del Schlacko, Open Flair, and FM4 Frequency! At Greenfield, as with Sputnik Spring Break, another letter was held up for the band’s post-show selfie – an I this time. Whether this is indeed their way of slowly announcing the album title […]

Jun 02, 16   Andie   Comments Off on One More Week Until Greenfield 2016

Jennifer Rostock’s second show for this summer, Greenfield Festival, is next week in Interlaken, Switzerland. Who’s all going, and who’s excited for the new songs to be played again? (That is, if the new songs are played again.) According to Jennifer and Christoph’s Snapchat stories, the band had yet another photoshoot today, this time for promotional images. This […]

May 20, 16   Andie   Comments Off on New Album Title?

At Sputnik Spring Break, Jennifer Rostock held up a large “W” for the camera – could this be the first letter of the name for this year’s new album? The above photo is from Ich pfeif’ drauf, ich pfeif’ mir lieber noch n’ Sekt rein.

May 14, 16   Andie   1 Comment

Yesterday was Jennifer Rostock’s performance at Sputnik Spring Break and their first festival for summer 2016. During their show, three new somgs were performed for the first time: Doch Uns Gehört die Nacht (But The Night Belongs to Us) Irgendwas ist Immer (Something is Forever) Wir Sind Alle Nicht von Hier (We Aren’t All from […]

Apr 23, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Festival Summer 2016: The Countdown Begins

As of today (23 April 2016), there are officially less than three (3) weeks until the start of 2016’s Festival Summer for Jennifer Rostock! It starts off with Sputnik Spring Break in Halbinsel Pouch, Germany, on 13 May, and so far, ends on 19 August with Frequency Festival in St. Pölten, Austria. All of the upcoming dates can […]

Feb 19, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Jennifer Weist Visits joiz

Our lovely Jennifer Weist stopped by joiz today, and thanks to livestreaming, I was able to watch along. She spoke about the current ‘Warm Feet for All’ action and the upcoming album. However, due to technical issues, the livestream was cut short. The full interview video will be posted online, though. Album #5 news, as […]

Feb 18, 16   Andie   Comments Off on New Festival: FM4 Frequency

Jennifer Rostock have been confirmed to play FM4 Frequency Festival in St. Pölten, Austria, from August 18-August 20, 2016. Which exact day they’ll play is currently unknown, as a timetable hasn’t been posted, just the line-up. This brings the current number of confirmed festival summer dates to eight (8) – the rest can be viewed here. More […]