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Jul 21, 16   Andie   Comments Off on “Wer Seine Jugend Nicht Verschwendet…”

Jennifer Rostock sent out an image through their WhatsApp with the caption, “Tomorrow, kids, there might be something!” The image was a simple image of a street and a building flipped upside down with the words “WER SEINE JUGEND NICHT VERSCHWENDET HAT SIE SCHON VERPASST” – meaning “WHOEVER DOESN’T WASTE THEIR CHILDHOOD HAS MISSED IT.” It’s […]

Jul 01, 16   Andie   Comments Off on New Look for and First WhatsApp Messages

As I wrote last night, the Jennifer Rostock Web site appeared to be going through a few changes, but it seems that the changes have been made: Fans are now able to sign up for WhatsApp updates from the band, which will include news and exclusive song snippets from the new album! Two messages have […]

Jun 30, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Possible New Site Design?

The confusing red and blue text on Jennifer Rostock’s official site has disappeared. It’s now been replaced with a blank design that just has a broken image link where there should be a logo, and a footer area that has links to Sony Music. Judging by the fact that a date and title for the band’s fifth […]

Jun 17, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Jennifer Rostock in Exil, Zurich

After the sensational and much-celebrated performance by Jennifer Rostock at this year’s “Greenfield Festival,” the Swiss audience has noisily been eager for seconds and so we’re happily able to present Jennifer Rostock in Exil in Zurich, on Thursday, 15 September 2016, as part of their “Stress on Wheels Club Tour.” [ DE (original) / EN (my translation) […]

Jun 14, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Two Down, Six to Go

Two festivals are already over, with six more left for the summer: Hurricane, Southside, Helene Beach, Rocco del Schlacko, Open Flair, and FM4 Frequency! At Greenfield, as with Sputnik Spring Break, another letter was held up for the band’s post-show selfie – an I this time. Whether this is indeed their way of slowly announcing the album title […]

May 31, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Happy 33rd Birthday, Christoph!

Happy birthday, Christoph! (Original photo is by Susanne Raith.)

May 20, 16   Andie   Comments Off on New Album Title?

At Sputnik Spring Break, Jennifer Rostock held up a large “W” for the camera – could this be the first letter of the name for this year’s new album? The above photo is from Ich pfeif’ drauf, ich pfeif’ mir lieber noch n’ Sekt rein.

May 09, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Sneak Peek of Today’s Photoshoot

Jennifer posted a shot on Facebook and Instagram of herself during today’s photoshoot, and a few photos and videos on Snapchat. Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to download the videos, but you can find the Facebook/Instagram photo and one from her Snapchat below: EDIT: I added a photo from Christoph’s Snapchat, as well as […]

May 08, 16   Andie   Comments Off on New Gallery Section: Screencaps

I’ve started to add music video screencaps to the gallery, but only have ‘Der Kapitän‘ so far. I’m currently getting screencaps for the other music videos, so expect more in the next couple of weeks! A scans category will also start to be filled up, although that will just be album booklets the time being. […]

Apr 15, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Gallery Update – “April 13 2016: Semester Auftakt Party”

I added 90 new photos to the gallery under the category Other » 2016, containing photos from Wednesday night’s Semester Auftakt Party in Tivoli Freiberg. Jennifer and Christoph provided a DJ set as Jennifer Rostock Beauty Division. The entire album of what I uploaded can be viewed here. Jennifer also stated on her Snapchat (@maerjungfrau) that she […]