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May 31, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Happy 33rd Birthday, Christoph!

Happy birthday, Christoph! (Original photo is by Susanne Raith.)

May 20, 16   Andie   Comments Off on New Album Title?

At Sputnik Spring Break, Jennifer Rostock held up a large “W” for the camera – could this be the first letter of the name for this year’s new album? The above photo is from Ich pfeif’ drauf, ich pfeif’ mir lieber noch n’ Sekt rein.

Mar 01, 16   Andie   Comments Off on But What Does It All Mean?

Jennifer Rostock’s Instagram was updated today with nine photos. Normally, that isn’t so puzzling, but today, it is because the photos were all part of, well, a puzzle. Each photo is a section of a larger one, into which I’ve combined them all below. The red and blue sections of text overlap into almost a […]

Feb 09, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Look! Productivity!

I finally got around to translating the lyrics for Ins Offene Messer into English. Not all of them are done – I still have five to go (‘Kind Von Dir,’ ‘Diadem,’ ‘Mona Lisa,’ ‘Himalaya,’ and ‘Ich Will Hier Raus’) – but I was able to do seven translations today: Blut Geleckt Nichts Tät Ich Lieber Drahtseiltakt Gedanken, […]

Jan 26, 16   Andie   Comments Off on Home Again

Jennifer Rostock are now back in Germany after recording in Boston. My question for you fans: Which album do you hope the new one sounds most similar to? (The photo above is from a 2009 photoshoot with Erik Weiss.)