Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Aug 17
Andie #wojr, Band Update, New Video Comments Off on #wojr

Only four more stops left during the 2017 festival summer for Jennifer Rostock – they played their final Genau in diesem Ton Open Air show this past week in Halle/Salle, Germany.

In other news: This video was posted on Jennifer Rostock’s Facebook page and Instagram; some people guess it’s a music video, some guess it’s a new album.

All that fans can be sure about is that it has to do with whatever the band had been recording in the studio earlier this year, since all of the posts during that time were tagged with #wojr, as well. (After all, Jennifer did mention some surprises as part of the band’s ten-year celebration!)

Looks like we’ll have to see what happens on 29 September!

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