Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Wir Waren Hier

This life poured us out
We soaked every night in wine
Stood on roofs, raised our glasses
But our glasses had holes in the bottom

The best years are burned up too quickly
When you smoke the days down to the filter
What remains are hot air and burning bridges
Memories and gaps in memories

We were here
Clouds of smoke rise behind us
Because we were here
And now I understand, it was fine how it was

I know a fire has to burn when it’s hot
We always just wanted to burn, even when the price is
That we lose ourselves now
We were here

We were naive and young and carefree
Mouth too full and hands empty
In hindsight, we don’t see any tears or wounds
Drawing only sunny hours like a sundial

We never looked through the soap bubbles
Dreams grow quietly, pop loudly
Did we believe this happy ending was everlasting?
When the penny drops, it drops piece-by-piece

We were here …
We were here

What we own fits into two boxes
What we feel fits into three, four pop songs
Fill up the tank
No matter where it leads us
We were here, we were here
No matter what happens

We were here …
We were here