Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Schlaflos Pt. 2

You raise your glass to once more
To my trust, to your loyalty
Whenever you lie
You speak too loud
Clear crystal is quickly seen through

Like a restless person who’s looking for his place
Doesn’t stay long in one place
Tell me, how many toothbrushes to you have
How many pictures are you spread?
When you go, I stand in the hallway, waiting
When you sleep, I lie awake next to you
By daylight, I dismiss you
Only when it gets dark, do I get weak

I look up and see the same side of the moon again
The same, pale face
That, as usual, sits enthroned above us
But the cold light is just an illusion
Your lies are sweet wine
When the morning comes
This illusion fades
The same side of the moon

It only hurts
When you think about it
But dark thoughts are quickly repressed
The moth flies as if stupid
So long around the fire
Until it scorches its wings

We get tangled up in compromises
And you act
As if it was nothing
That tears runs in your conscience
And you can’t find any end

I look up …