Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Lügen Haben Schöne Beine

The catastrophe in its nightgown
Don’t come close to me, because you’re not going places
The fizz splatters, the crown sits
But embarrassment flashes from of your eyes

Swallow your fear of daybreak
There’s nothing to chew, nothing to stomach
You stuff your head into the noose with good things
Until the painful aftermath screws up your day

But you behave innocently
Lie to yourself relentlessly
Your eyes get bigger
Because lies have beautiful legs

You’re standing blindly in the backlight
You don’t recognize your life
And never come to terms with yourself
Lies have beautiful legs

You recognized the blemishes on your vest well
And burned the piece
The words you speak and break again
Those are just shadows on the wall

How do you handle yourself? Why do you survive?
Why are you keeping yourself awake?
And you eventually wrap up the day
Just by the skin of your teeth

But you behave innocently …

The contact stays short and crisp
One look and you lop off your heel
But you’re caught
And it’ll keep going, it’ll get worse

When you start to yell
To fill speech bubbles with trash
Blood drips from your shoe
It isn’t you! It isn’t you!

But you behave innocently …