Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Meine Bessere Hälfte

When the bells on the stock exchange ring
When the storm rips through the masses
We’re naked to the bone and aroused to the core
Because everyone risks their heart
We sell off all the years from the cradle to the grave
Heart and skin and hair, those are our true goods
That means courtship displays until beams bend, laughing without getting wrinkles
Look how heavy the questions that lay heavy on the stomach weigh

The air is heavy and the girls light
From the tables drips the hope that the hope is enough
Our tug of war, exhibition drawing between the nights:
We drink with our left and we battle with our right
Every rendezvous designed for turmoil
And while the cigarette butt in my hand dies out
I still think you’re definitely not meant for me
And it’s right when you think about it clearly

We look and trust past each other
We behave cautiously and we only pay for each other
We speak like accomplices that always address one another formally
And then you offend me, then you push me and don’t think anything of it

I can’t decide which of us both
Can’t decide which of us both
Can’t decide which of us both
Is my better half

Sometimes I come back down when we smoke pot
You start to speak and I’m smitten
My sympathy for you catches fire and burns weaker
Falls to dust and climbs like a phoenix out of the ash tray
I feel my heart beating and it raises the alarm
So I’m holding your hand, but only with an outstretched arm
I save myself more than a possible cubit
Potential breaking point for the worst-case scenario

Who gets drunks where – that doesn’t interest me!
And what the pills bring – that doesn’t interest me!
However whoever takes whatever where – that doesn’t interest me!
Even if the mood is right, that doesn’t excite me!
If you rhyme yourself with me when someone spells it out again
That’s all that interests me

I can’t decide …

Take one of the pills, it makes you bigger
Take one of the pills, it makes you smaller