Jennifer Rostock U.S.
In den Sturm

Always through the wall, but never through the door
This shitty anger, rage, burns like an ulcer
And my knuckles crack, cave in on the concrete
Too far, trail of blood, now we have the rewards

The weariness gets out of hand
Mind insists on resistance
Whoever always remains on the ground
Doesn’t have anything that lifts him up

Turn around, turn into the storm
Put your foot down, let them feel we’re alive
Turn around, turn into the storm
We’re dragons and we’re climbing in the headwind

Let go
Let go
Let go what doesn’t let you go

Believe me, because what’s a predator
That paws without moving anything except this bit of dust here
Against the virus that gets deep into your bones
Makes the liquid in the core of the cells cook

Don’t show any weakness, man
It doesn’t depend on the size
Just make the sails waterproof
When you launch your word

Turn around …

Rain patter, saber-rattling
Spear routes, shooting galleries
Trenches, wartime scars

Turn around …