Jennifer Rostock U.S.

Always on the road, I’m sleepless in Berlin
Tired calves between plumes of nicotine
Like a king without a crown, without power
Only the stamps on my wrist, insignia in the night

What I need is an overweight penguin
That breaks the ice for me, because I can’t do it
And I’m not interested in small talk and bad jokes
Not interested, not interested but guest-listed

Where do you see yourselves in a hundred years?
Still without a future and without a plan

We need a hook that touches everyone the same
And we need lyrics that everyone understands right away
And we need a sound that works on the radio
And a fanbase, as well, that powerfully consumes

We need a corporate identity
A look and the matching anatomy
We need a hit that pays the rent
And where are we going to get a feature that doesn’t interest anyone?

Tell me, is there still a seat open between the chairs?
It’s enough room to feel out of place
We’re swinging somewhere between flops and charts
Between backstage and stage, between athlete’s foot and Fernsehgarten1

Too pretty for indie, too obscene for mainstream
But you can always get used to being in between
It’s good as it is, it should remain as it was
We don’t need to find ourselves, we’re always at the bar!

No prize, but nominated x times
Is like semi-hard, never as erect before
And no one can tell you what happens next
In the charts once for a short time, tomorrow we’re going back to black

We need a hook …

1Fernsehgarten is a German television program focusing on entertainment; Jennifer Rostock performed on it in 2010