Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Frantic Again

jennifer-rostock_frantic-againFrantic Again was released back when Jennifer and Joe performed under the name aerials and before Jennifer Rostock was formed. The CD was a limited release and is now very tough to find online. One of the songs released, “Mosquito Bite,” was adapted into “Himalaya,” released on 2008’s Ins Offene Messer. Both Jennifer and Joe provided vocals for the album’s songs, all of which (as far as I know) were in English.

Release Date: 22 January 2005

Record Company: Unknown

  1. What I Believe In [ 03:46 ]
  2. New Shores
  3. Can’t Cross
  4. Mosquito Bite [ 03:11 ]
  5. Thanx
  6. Sth to Hold On
  7. Disillusioned
  8. Phobia
  9. Run Away

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