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Jul 18
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Since the last post here, a few things have happened concerning Jennifer Rostock and its members:

  • Christoph and Nico’s new band Gray Noir announced their first few show dates for the summer.
  • Jennifer is a judge on season 4 of X Factor Germany, along with Iggy Uriarte/Lions Head, Sido, and Thomas Anders.
  • Alex has gotten married! The wedding took place last week; congratulations to the happy couple!
  • The release date for physical copies (DVD and BluRay) of “Jennifer Rostock Bleibt” has been pushed back twice; once to 07 September, then again to 21 September. The digital release date has remained the same.

Along with this, the following celebrated their birthdays since May:

  • 20 May: “iTunes Festival: Berlin” – this iTunes-only EP turned 10 years old (2008)
  • 31 May: Christoph celebrated his birthday
  • 10 June: “Irgendwo Anders” – the second single released from the band’s second album, “Der Film,” turned 8 years old (2010)
  • 12 June: “Feuer” – the second [official] single released by the band, and second from their debut album, “Ins Offene Messer,” turned 10 years old (2008)
  • 25 June: “Du Willst Mir an die Wäsche” – the first single released from “Der Film” turned 9 years old (2009)
  • 09 July: “Der Film” – the band’s second album turned 9 years old (2009)
  • 14 July: “Mein Mikrofon” – the first single from the band’s third album, “Mit Haut und Haar,” turned 7 years old (2011)
  • 19 July: “Du Willst Mir an die Wäsche (ft. Sido)” – the first single from the band’s first live CD/DVD, “Live in Berlin,” turned 6 years old (2012)
  • 28 July (next week): – “Mit Haut und Haar” – the third album turns 7 years old (2011)

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