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Sep 17
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A new single has been announced for Worst Of Jennifer Rostock – “Haarspray” – and it’ll be released this Friday (22 September). The announcement was made with what appears to be a video still with four lines of lyrics on it:

If you’re unable to read the text, it says (the English translation is below the German lyrics):

Der Fernseher taucht das Zimmer
In ein flimmerndes Blaulicht
Mein Finger auf dem Esstisch
Malt ein Herz in die Staubschicht

(The television immerses the room
In a glimmering blue light
My finger on the dining table
Draws a heart in the layer of dust)

Sep 17
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A new Jennifer Rostock tour has been announced for 2018! Seventeen dates have been planned, and are as follows:

March 30: Posthof, Linz, AUT

March 31: Volkshaus, Zurich, CHE

April 05: Saarlandhalle, Saarbrücken, GER

April 06: Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, GER

April 07: Zenith, Munich, GER

April 12: Moya, Rostock, GER

April 13: Swiss Life Hall, Hanover, GER

April 14: Maimarktklub, Mannheim, GER

April 19: EmslandArena, Lingen, GER

April 20: Mitsubishi Electric Hall ,Düsseldorf, GER

April 21: Sporthalle, Hamburg, GER

April 27: Stadthalle, Fürth, GER

April 28: Gasometer, Vienna, AUT

April 30: Thüringenhalle, Erfurt, GER

May 04: Alter Schlachthof, Dresden, GER

May 05: Haus Auensee, Leipzig, GER

May 12: Columbiahalle, Berlin, GER

On top of that, the band recently had a video shoot, and the tag used on the post for it (photo below) was #haarspray – which is a song on Worst Of. Could that be the next single?

Aug 17
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The new album, Worst Of Jennifer Rostock, can now be pre-ordered from Amazon, JPC, EMP, and iTunes! The first three offer the regular digipack (the album and the instrumentals for the first ten tracks), as well as the limited edition box set – which includes the album, instrumentals, party hat, party horn, photo booklet, photo card, and t-shirt. If you live in the US, you’ll have to go through either or JPC, as #WOJR is not available in the States just yet.

The final four songs on the album were actually already available; Liebe BILDWähl die AfD, and Neider machen Leute (Version 2017) had all been released on Facebook over the past couple of years, and Keine macht den Profis was released to anyone who donated to Jennifer Rostock’s 2016 fundraiser.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Alles Cool (It’s All Cool)
  2. Flaschendrehen (Spin the Bottle)
  3. Schockverliebt (Love at First Glance)
  4. Dschungel (Jungle)
  5. Polarmeer (Polar Sea)
  6. Wenn ich dein Gesicht seh, denke ich an meine Faust (When I See Your Face, I Think of My Fist)
  7. Weltbilder (Pictures of the World/Worldviews)
  8. Haarspray (Hairspray)
  9. Schlaflos Pt.3 (Sleepless Pt.3)
  10. Die guten alten Zeiten (The Good Old Times)
  11. Liebe BILD (Dear BILD)
  12. Wähl die AfD (Vote for AfD)
  13. Neider machen Leute (Version 2017) (People Make Haters)
  14. Keine Macht den Profis (feat. Grossstadtgeflüster) (No Power to Pros)

Aug 17
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This teaser image was posted to Jennifer Rostock’s Instagram and Facebook pages today. Looks like we’ll be getting a peek at the new album this coming Friday (25 August)!

Aug 17
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Only four more stops left during the 2017 festival summer for Jennifer Rostock – they played their final Genau in diesem Ton Open Air show this past week in Halle/Salle, Germany.

In other news: This video was posted on Jennifer Rostock’s Facebook page and Instagram; some people guess it’s a music video, some guess it’s a new album.

All that fans can be sure about is that it has to do with whatever the band had been recording in the studio earlier this year, since all of the posts during that time were tagged with #wojr, as well. (After all, Jennifer did mention some surprises as part of the band’s ten-year celebration!)

Looks like we’ll have to see what happens on 29 September!

May 17
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Just 18 days until the start of Jennifer Rostock’s Genau in diesem Ton Open Air tour and 25 days until the start of their festival summer – time is flying! Along with their fifth appearance at both Hurricane Festival and Southside Festival, Jennifer Rostock will be playing their first show at both Love Music Festival and Rock im Ring Festival – which will also be their first concert in Italy, if I’m not mistaken. It was also announced in Jennifer’s Instagram story today that Elmar will be joining the band for the open airs and festivals, again taking over guitar for Alex, who is still on his year-long parental leave.

In addition to all of this, Jennifer stated in an earlier Instagram story that the band is hitting the studio on Wednesday, May 24, for something to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Jennifer Rostock. What exactly this will bring, will probably remain a secret for a long while. Start getting excited!

The list of dates for this summer:

June 09: Jahnsportforum, Neubrandenburg, GER
June 17: Porta Hoch 3, Trier, GER
June 18: Kulturzelt, Wolfhagen, GER
June 24: Junge Garde, Dresden, GER
July 07: Zitadelle, Mainz, GER
July 22: Piazza, Regensburg, GER
August 12: Freilichtbühne Peißnitz, Halle/Salle, GER

June 16: Love Music Festival, Magdeburg, GER
June 23: Hurricane Festival, Scheeßel, GER
June 25: Southside Festival, Neuhausen ob Eck, GER
July 08: Rock im Ring, Ritten, ITA
August 05: Szene Open Air, Lustenau, AUT
August 11: Taubertal Festival, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, GER
August 17: Frequency Festival, St. Pölten, AUT
August 18: Chiemsee Summer, Übersee am Chiemsee, GER
August 19: Open Air Gampel, Gampel, CHE
August 25: Zeltfestival Ruhr, Bochum, GER
September 01: Fritz DeutschPoeten, Berlin, GER

Mar 17
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The music video for Jennifer Rostock’s “Deiche” will premiere tomorrow; the video was shot during a break in the Genau in diesem Ton tour. Below is the preview for it, posted on the band’s Facebook page:

Mar 17
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Jennifer Rostock’s Warm Feet for All 2016 campaign has come to an end, with a total of 10,001€ donated! You can also now download the song ‘Keine Macht den Profis’ even if you didn’t donate: Simply go to this link and enter the code GH67yfTjLL for your download of the single.

In site-related news, I’m working on reorganizing the photo gallery by moving the ‘Live’ photos and ‘Other’ into categories based on the event, and then each album title will just contain the photographer or source of the images. I’ve already gotten through the live photos, and just have to do the others now.

Jan 17
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Jennifer Rostock begin their nearly-completely-sold-out Genau in diesem Ton tour tomorrow, and over the span of three days in the past week, have posted three videos from rehearsals as a sneak peek. The first video shows “Feuer” and “Du Willst Mir an die Wäsche (2012 Version)” being performed, the second “Neider Machen Leute,” and the third “Irgendwo Anders (Unplugged).”

Jan 17
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It was announced today that Elmar will be playing guitar for Jennifer Rostock again, this time on the upcoming Genau in diesem Ton tour. The reason for this is that Alex has decided to extend his parental leave. (Alex became a father last year while the band was on the Stressen auf Rädern tour.)

Congratulations again, Alex!