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Jul 16
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12:43 PM (EST):
Sorry, friends, already 2 whole messages and still no naked pics. But as promised, here’s the first taste! #irgendwasistimmer

1:26 PM (EST):
Friends, have a bit of patience with us. This Whatsapp is a kind of new arena for us and the affiliated technology! We’re getting this running as fast as possible and then everyone will get our messages. Kissykiss!

Jul 16
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The route is the goal.

Friends, you’ve noticed that we’ve made ourselves a bit scarce these past few months. There was a reason: A lot has changed for us and we needed the time to find ourselves again. We spent days and nights in the rehearsal room and in the studio, shed sweat and schnapps and clawed out everything from our hearts and synapses.

Our new album is on the home stretch after over a year of hard work and it’s already glowing under your feet to finally end this lousy job. If you want to position yourselves at the spearhead of the information flow, please sell your souls to our brand spanking new Whatsapp mailing list! There’ll be exclusive song snippets and of course, a ton of sexting:

The coming weeks will seem like a roller coaster ride and we hope that you take this ride with us.

It begins,


Jul 16
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As I wrote last night, the Jennifer Rostock Web site appeared to be going through a few changes, but it seems that the changes have been made:

JR Web site 2016

Fans are now able to sign up for WhatsApp updates from the band, which will include news and exclusive song snippets from the new album! Two messages have already been sent out (the translations are by me):

1:27 PM (EST):
Shalom! So, we’re testing out this here new-fangled stuff. If it works, then the first little snip of the new music video will be here for you. IF it works! We’ll see!

2016-07-01_13-301:30 PM (EST):
Looking good (better than us)! Kisses, Joe and Christoph


Jun 16
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The confusing red and blue text on Jennifer Rostock’s official site has disappeared. It’s now been replaced with a blank design that just has a broken image link where there should be a logo, and a footer area that has links to Sony Music. Judging by the fact that a date and title for the band’s fifth album were released (Genau in diesem Ton, to be released 09 September 2016), and there’s still an upcoming music video for Irgendwas ist Immer, this might simply be the site’s temporary look while a new design is worked on to promote the album.


Jun 16
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Just announced on Jennifer’s Snapchat: The new album’s title and release date!

Jennifer Rostock’s fifth album will be titled Genau in Diesem Ton (Exactly in This Note) and will come out on September 09.

Jun 16
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Yesterday, severe storms at Hurricane Festival resulted in several bands’ performances being cancelled, including Jennifer Rostock’s. Today, the band announced that their performance at Southside Festival – scheduled for tomorrow – will not be happening, either, as the entire festival was cancelled.

Whether any dates will be scheduled as makeups, I cannot say. However, I can say that six new dates have been added to the “Stressen auf Rädern” tour:

  • September 05: Hamburg, Germany
  • September 07: Cologne, Germany
  • September 08: Berlin, Germany
  • September 11: Leipzig, Germany
  • September 13: Munich, Germany
  • September 14: Stuttgart, Germany

Exact venues are still to be announced.

Jun 16
Andie Band Update, Festival Summer 2016, Hurricane Festival Comments Off on Storms at Hurricane

Jennifer Rostock were scheduled to play at Hurricane Festival today from 18:30 through 19:15 (GMT+1). However, due to inclement weather, all performances were paused for two hours, and it was later announced that the missed performances would unfortunately be cancelled.

According to Jennifer, this is the first time in the band’s nine-year history that they have been unable to perform at a festival.

Earlier this month, Rock am Ring had problems due to severe storms during the festival.

Jun 16
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jr-promo_2016After the sensational and much-celebrated performance by Jennifer Rostock at this year’s “Greenfield Festival,” the Swiss audience has noisily been eager for seconds and so we’re happily able to present Jennifer Rostock in Exil in Zurich, on Thursday, 15 September 2016, as part of their “Stress on Wheels Club Tour.”

[ DE (original) / EN (my translation) ]

Further tour dates have yet to be announced, as is any support band. All that’s listed is “Special guest.”

In other news: 7 more days until Hurricane Festival, and 9 more days until Southside Festival – which also means we’ll get new letters in the game that the band is playing with their post-show selfies!

Jun 16
Andie Band Update, Genau in diesem Ton, Music Video, New Video Comments Off on Music Video Shoot Tomorrow

As the title suggests, Jennifer Rostock will be shooting a music video tomorrow! They had a fitting today in preparation for it, as shown on Jennifer and Joe’s Snapchats. The song hasn’t been mentioned yet, nor a release date for either the album or the video. This may be our (the fans’) first look at the studio version of a song, since three live songs have already been performed live.

Jun 16

Two festivals are already over, with six more left for the summer: Hurricane, Southside, Helene Beach, Rocco del Schlacko, Open Flair, and FM4 Frequency!

At Greenfield, as with Sputnik Spring Break, another letter was held up for the band’s post-show selfie – an I this time. Whether this is indeed their way of slowly announcing the album title or not, the addition definitely shortens the list of possible words (for example, I’ve only found seven German words that seem to be suitable for an album title).

Jennifer Rostock have also revealed that there will be a mini club tour this year. The only date announced is September 15 in Zurich, Switzerland; no venue was spoken of, but there is a chance that it will be in Exil because of this image posted in the comments section on one of Jennifer Rostock’s Facebook posts.

Also: Joe has joined Snapchat! He can be found with the username joemustgooon