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Mar 16
Andie Band Member Update, Photo Comments Off on Photography Book ‘Nothing to Hide’ with Jennifer and Chris

Photographer Arkadiusz Goniwiecha released his first photobook last month called ‘Nothing to Hide.’ The photos are of various celebrities’ hand tattoos, and a description goes with each that includes the explanation behind the tattoo(s). Two of those celebrities are Jennifer Weist and Chris “Kotze” Kohl; in a preview to the book (the preview is available here), Kotze tells why he got his tattoos. I’ve translated the text quickly:


The German drummer, who I’d only experienced onstage with Jennifer Rostock, was on my list since the beginning of my series. But I’d continuously miss Chris »Kotze« after concerts or lose sight of him at festivals. When I saw the Düsseldorf punk band Rogers in Dresden at the end of June 2015, due to their performing as the opening act for Jennifer Rostock, I finally came into contact with Chris. During the main band’s show, I was already editing the first photos of the night. All of the musicians and crew sat backstage after the concerts. I succeeded in finally telling the drummer about my photo series and asking if I could get a portrait of him. From the background, singer Jennifer Weist shouted that he shouldn’t think about it for so long, and just let me get a shot of him. Said and done.

Afterwards, he told me why he chose the symbols for his hands: »Kotzreiz is the wonderful-sounding name of one of my bands. The number of letters coincidentally fit on my fingers. I got the gramophone tattooed because I like music and the kraken wrapped around a ship because I like ship-embracing krakens.«

The book itself is available for purchase in Arkadiusz’ shop.

(I found the photo on Ich pfeif’ drauf, ich pfeif’ mir lieber noch n’ Sekt rein on Facebook.)

Mar 16
Andie Band Member Update, Photo Comments Off on Jennifer’s Look for Spring 2016

Through her Snapchat – @maerjungfrau – Jennifer revealed her new pink hair. How long it’ll last, I don’t know, but until then, Jennifer Rostock’s lovely singer now has Zuckerwattehaare – Cotton candy hair!

jennifer_zuckerwattehaare (2) jennifer_zuckerwattehaare (1)





(The first thumbnail/image is from Ich pfeif’ drauf, ich pfeif’ mir lieber noch n’ Sekt rein on Facebook.)

Mar 16
Andie Assistance Requested, Band Update, Genau in diesem Ton, Responses Welcome Comments Off on But What Does It All Mean?

Jennifer Rostock’s Instagram was updated today with nine photos. Normally, that isn’t so puzzling, but today, it is because the photos were all part of, well, a puzzle.

Each photo is a section of a larger one, into which I’ve combined them all below. The red and blue sections of text overlap into almost a 3D-effect until you realize that trying to use 3D glasses to read this is just going to be confusing. Therefore, I went into Photoshop and added a layer that’s as red as that part of the text, and another that’s the same shade of blue as the text. The outcomes are linked below, while the overall puzzle is shown.

Now everyone has to figure out: Is it a hint at a new album title? Is it part of a new song? Is it various parts of new songs? Only the band knows, and we fans are left to wonder: Wait, what?










(red / blue)

(If another three images are released for this, I’ll update it with those added.)

Feb 16
Andie Flashback Friday, Release Birthday, Video Comments Off on Release Birthday: Du Nimmst Mir Die Angst (2 Years Ago)

Jennifer Rostock released the music video for ‘Du Nimmst Mir Die Angst,’ the fourth song from their album Schlaflos to have a music video, two years ago. The footage used was recorded during their Schlaflos Tour and put together by Christoph Mangler, who also directed the videos for ‘Es War Nicht Alles Schlecht,’ ‘Der Kapitän,’ ‘Hier Werd Ich Nicht Alt,’ ‘Schlag Alarm‘ (working together with Bear Films), and ‘Schlaflos (Schuld Edit).’

And since it’s Friday, might as well use this chance to also have this as a #FlashbackFriday!

Feb 16
Andie Festival Summer 2016, Genau in diesem Ton, Interview Comments Off on Jennifer Weist Visits joiz

Our lovely Jennifer Weist stopped by joiz today, and thanks to livestreaming, I was able to watch along. She spoke about the current ‘Warm Feet for All’ action and the upcoming album. However, due to technical issues, the livestream was cut short. The full interview video will be posted online, though.

Jennifer Weist / joiz Interview (2015-02-19)

Album #5 news, as told by Jennifer during her visit:

  • Not all of the vocals are finished being recorded.
  • The direction will still be “Jennifer Rostock” – pop, punk, rock, electro, and Jennifer will be rapping in a song again.
  • There are also no features yet.
  • All of the dates the band has planned are online already as the eight current festivals; no tour has been planned yet.

(Jennifer also stated that she is not on Snapchat, that the worst part about shooting the ‘Schlaflos’ music video was the long take as it was also cold, and that she doesn’t have a favorite song to play live or from any of the albums.)

Feb 16
Andie Band Update, Festival Summer 2016, New Date Comments Off on New Festival: FM4 Frequency

Jennifer Rostock have been confirmed to play FM4 Frequency Festival in St. Pölten, Austria, from August 18-August 20, 2016. Which exact day they’ll play is currently unknown, as a timetable hasn’t been posted, just the line-up.

This brings the current number of confirmed festival summer dates to eight (8) – the rest can be viewed here. More dates are sure to be announced in the coming months (hopefully along with a tour for the new album).

Feb 16
Andie Bundesvision Song Contest, Ins Offene Messer, Release Birthday, Video Comments Off on Release Birthday: Ins Offene Messer (8 Years Ago)


Eight years ago today, Jennifer Rostock’s debut album Ins Offene Messer was released. Without it, many fans would never have found out about this amazing band. And just the day before the release, Jennifer Rostock performed the single ‘Kopf Oder Zahl’ at Bundesvision Song Contest 2008 for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and placed fifth. You can watch the performance below:

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Feb 16
Andie Responses Welcome, Site Update Comments Off on Look! Productivity!

finally got around to translating the lyrics for Ins Offene Messer into English. Not all of them are done – I still have five to go (‘Kind Von Dir,’ ‘Diadem,’ ‘Mona Lisa,’ ‘Himalaya,’ and ‘Ich Will Hier Raus’) – but I was able to do seven translations today:

I’m also wondering: If you could change one thing about the site, what would it be?

I’m open to nearly any suggestion, and hope for look forward to you guys’ feedback!

Jan 16
Andie Band Update, Genau in diesem Ton, Responses Welcome Comments Off on Home Again


Jennifer Rostock are now back in Germany after recording in Boston. My question for you fans: Which album do you hope the new one sounds most similar to?

(The photo above is from a 2009 photoshoot with Erik Weiss.)

Jan 16
Andie Band Update, Genau in diesem Ton Comments Off on Boston, Here She Comes! / Warm Feet for All

Last week, I posted that the four boys of the band were off to Boston, and that I didn’t know when Jennifer would join them. Earlier today, she posted a photo on Instagram with the (translated) caption “passing through isn’t my thing. but now i’m sitting in amsterdam and waiting for my flight to boston. boys freshen up, mama’s coming!”


The band also posted a video today about strassen|feger’s non-profit, which provides a bed and food to the homeless. They’ve also started an online fundraiser for the cause, with a goal of 10,000€ (they’re almost at 2,000€ right now). You can donate here.

[A translation of the description posted on the donation page will be added here later on once I can figure it out.]