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Feb 16
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Eight years ago today, Jennifer Rostock’s debut album Ins Offene Messer was released. Without it, many fans would never have found out about this amazing band. And just the day before the release, Jennifer Rostock performed the single ‘Kopf Oder Zahl’ at Bundesvision Song Contest 2008 for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and placed fifth. You can watch the performance below:

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Feb 16
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finally got around to translating the lyrics for Ins Offene Messer into English. Not all of them are done – I still have five to go (‘Kind Von Dir,’ ‘Diadem,’ ‘Mona Lisa,’ ‘Himalaya,’ and ‘Ich Will Hier Raus’) – but I was able to do seven translations today:

I’m also wondering: If you could change one thing about the site, what would it be?

I’m open to nearly any suggestion, and hope for look forward to you guys’ feedback!

Jan 16
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Jennifer Rostock are now back in Germany after recording in Boston. My question for you fans: Which album do you hope the new one sounds most similar to?

(The photo above is from a 2009 photoshoot with Erik Weiss.)

Jan 16
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Last week, I posted that the four boys of the band were off to Boston, and that I didn’t know when Jennifer would join them. Earlier today, she posted a photo on Instagram with the (translated) caption “passing through isn’t my thing. but now i’m sitting in amsterdam and waiting for my flight to boston. boys freshen up, mama’s coming!”


The band also posted a video today about strassen|feger’s non-profit, which provides a bed and food to the homeless. They’ve also started an online fundraiser for the cause, with a goal of 10,000€ (they’re almost at 2,000€ right now). You can donate here.

[A translation of the description posted on the donation page will be added here later on once I can figure it out.]

Jan 16
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It’s off to Boston for 4/5 of Jennifer Rostock to work on the fifth album! No idea when we’ll see (or hear) anything they’ll be doing, but let’s face it: The new album will be amazing, and we all know it.


(Found on Joe’s Facebook, to which the photo is linked. L-R: Joe, Christoph, Kotze, Alex.)

(When exactly Jennifer will join them, I don’t know for sure.)

Dec 15
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I’ve added an interview that Jennifer Rostock did with the magazine strassen|feger about where they’re recording the upcoming album and their views on homelessness. However, it is an incomplete version of the interview, as the full-length one is in the print version of the magazine, which I don’t have access to. #LovingAForeignBandProblems

Read the translation here.

Dec 15
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A little #TBT for everyone – a video I found while browsing YouTube of Jennifer and Joe performing at an event back when they were still aerials. I’m not sure when exactly this is from, or what songs they’re playing, but I believe they’re covers.

Dec 15
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A new product has been added to the Jennifer Rostock online stop: Socks! What makes the socks so special? Simple – all of the proceeds benefit strassen|feger’s non-profit organization, which provides emergency shelter and a warm meal for the homeless, and invests in helping people help themselves.

The socks can be bought here.







Dec 15
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So it took me a while to actually get this site back on its feet, but I can finally say that Jennifer Rostock U.S. is reopened – and an actual Web site again instead of a Tumblr blog!

I’m still working on translated lyric pages for nearly every song from Ins Offene Messer, two songs from Der Film, two from Kaleidoskop EP, and the non-album songs [which includes features done with other bands, such as “Denn Sie Wissen, Was Sie Tun (ft. Ferris MC and Jennifer Weist)” by Jupiter Jones and “Die Sicher Schlimmste Wahl (ft. Jennifer Weist)” by Aufbau West, and the song Jennifer Rostock released after BILD made an article about Jennifer being topless].

Below are the lines I’m looking for help with translating. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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