Jennifer Rostock U.S.
May 16
Andie Release Birthday, Video Comments Off on Release Birthday: Schlaflos [Music Video] (2 Years Ago)

The music video for the original edit of ‘Schlaflos,’ from the album of the same title, was released two years ago today, directed by Wolf & Lamm (who are actually Joffrey Jans and Kai Kurve). It was the fourth actual music video out of the five released for the album; there were also two videos with different versions of songs from the album, one featuring the Stromlos version of ‘Phantombild‘ and the other featuring a Tanz, Los! version of ‘Schlaflos’.

The video is one continuous shot, and Jennifer stated during an interview that it was also cold, so both the length of the take and the temperature were her least favorite parts of the shoot.

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