Jennifer Rostock U.S.
May 18
Andie Band Update, Best Of Tour 2018, Jennifer Rostock Bleibt, Music Video Comments Off on “The Stories We’re Writing Today…”

And so, the Best Of Tour is over, which means the Jennifer Rostock hiatus has begun. Jennifer is in Bali on a well-deserved vacation, Joe is working with other musical artists on their respective studio albums, and Christoph and Nico’s new band Gray Noir released their first music video today, titled “Black Death.”

At the final concert, it was revealed that a fan action put together, not only set a German record, but a world record, as well, for the most messages to a band. Alex also appeared at the Berlin shows to join the band during each performance of “Die guten alten Zeiten.”

In other news, the physical version of “JENNIFER ROSTOCK BLEIBT” is now available for pre-order from various sellers; on Amazon, the Blu-Ray copy has already reached #1 in the Rock from Germany album category, with the DVD coming in at #2:

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