Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Jul 16
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The route is the goal.

Friends, you’ve noticed that we’ve made ourselves a bit scarce these past few months. There was a reason: A lot has changed for us and we needed the time to find ourselves again. We spent days and nights in the rehearsal room and in the studio, shed sweat and schnapps and clawed out everything from our hearts and synapses.

Our new album is on the home stretch after over a year of hard work and it’s already glowing under your feet to finally end this lousy job. If you want to position yourselves at the spearhead of the information flow, please sell your souls to our brand spanking new Whatsapp mailing list! There’ll be exclusive song snippets and of course, a ton of sexting:

The coming weeks will seem like a roller coaster ride and we hope that you take this ride with us.

It begins,


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