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Jennifer Rostock U.S. is an unofficial fansite for Jennifer Rostock, started by Andie (Katie) in 2013. Photos in the gallery are collected from various Web sites, German lyrics found mostly from album booklets, English lyrics translated by Andie herself, and news found through Facebook.

The reason the site was created is to help non-German-speaking fans understand Jennifer Rostock’s songs and stay up to date with what’s going on with the band.

Fun fact: The Facebook page for Jennifer Rostock U.S. is liked by Christoph and Joe, and the Instagram is followed by Baku and Jennifer. And this happened during the band’s VIVA takeover:


Andie is a twenty-four year old college student born and raised in New Jersey, and is currently majoring in Elementary/Secondary Education, having already gotten her Bachelor of Arts in German (with a minor in French). Besides Jennifer Rostock, her musical interests include My Chemical Romance, Counterfeit., Killerpilze, and several musicals; her hobbies outside of going online include listening to music, catching up on TV shows, coloring, playing games on her phone, and sleeping.

If necessary, Andie can be contacted through the site’s email ( or or through the site’s Twitter (@jennrost_us). A Facebook message or Instagram message on the Jennifer Rostock U.S. account might be your best bet.

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