Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Mar 16
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Jennifer Rostock’s Instagram was updated today with nine photos. Normally, that isn’t so puzzling, but today, it is because the photos were all part of, well, a puzzle.

Each photo is a section of a larger one, into which I’ve combined them all below. The red and blue sections of text overlap into almost a 3D-effect until you realize that trying to use 3D glasses to read this is just going to be confusing. Therefore, I went into Photoshop and added a layer that’s as red as that part of the text, and another that’s the same shade of blue as the text. The outcomes are linked below, while the overall puzzle is shown.

Now everyone has to figure out: Is it a hint at a new album title? Is it part of a new song? Is it various parts of new songs? Only the band knows, and we fans are left to wonder: Wait, what?










(red / blue)

(If another three images are released for this, I’ll update it with those added.)

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