Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Feb 16
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Our lovely Jennifer Weist stopped by joiz today, and thanks to livestreaming, I was able to watch along. She spoke about the current ‘Warm Feet for All’ action and the upcoming album. However, due to technical issues, the livestream was cut short. The full interview video will be posted online, though.

Jennifer Weist / joiz Interview (2015-02-19)

Album #5 news, as told by Jennifer during her visit:

  • Not all of the vocals are finished being recorded.
  • The direction will still be “Jennifer Rostock” – pop, punk, rock, electro, and Jennifer will be rapping in a song again.
  • There are also no features yet.
  • All of the dates the band has planned are online already as the eight current festivals; no tour has been planned yet.

(Jennifer also stated that she is not on Snapchat, that the worst part about shooting the ‘Schlaflos’ music video was the long take as it was also cold, and that she doesn’t have a favorite song to play live or from any of the albums.)

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