Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Du Willst Mir an die Wäsche

The lights go out, the film begins
And Rosemarie gets her next child
The jungle’s sparking out in Babylon
It happens as it happens, and it gets away
A shot, a scream – who’s calling the police?
There are too many cooks and not enough mush
It stays dry and mild in the south
And Scarlett cries and Pussycat kills

And you, you, you, you, you’re trying to get at me
And you, you, you, you, you’re trying to get at me

The strange countess, she’s not toilet-trained
What will be, will be, but won’t come to light
The Garden of Eden dried up long ago
So much for weather, let’s get to sports
Pat’s hunting Garet hunting Billy the Kid
At every turn in the director’s cut
The bush telegraph is missing in Babylon
And Jackie Brown starts from there again

And you, you, you, you …
You hang your flag in the wind
Without looking up
Reason enough to not count on your word
You drink whiskey with friends
And Bordeaux with women
More reason to not trust you on the way

Two scoundrels and the third man
Harry Lime, who’s up next?
Clouseau comes in, the highlight is ruined
It’s its own fault, because the spurs were much too loud
Harold and Sally and Harry and Maude
The company, the tenant, the house and the boat
And Clockwork Orange and a man sees red
And plays the song of death under the gallows

And you, you, you

I come too late to the ball, that means
It’s all right again
You take yourself as more full than you already are
And make yourself important again
It smells like popcorn, I throw rice along
And it keeps getting brighter
I move nervously to my Red Apple
And you along with it

Because you, you, you…
You lower your gaze and raise your brows
Pretend to look right at me
You like your man and you like women
And threaten to overdo it

And you, you, you…