Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Irgendwo Anders

The blame burns in every one of my lines
In conversations that beat themselves up lovelessly
Your promise is exhausted by now
We’re scratching open scars that stopped healing

But there’s no reason to hate each other
Because who’s to blame when moments miss out!?
I don’t hear your words, they’re lost in the wind
You look at me, but your looks remain blind

You’re somewhere else
Somewhere else
And I only sense you weakly
You’re somewhere else
Somewhere else
Night after night, I lie awake next to you
For a long time, we haven’t lived
Under one roof

We’ve avoided large words
Out of fear we could fall too deeply in love
But none of that fear remains
We were too different, we’re too different

You’re somewhere else …

Your silence, your silence speaks volumes
Every day begins as if it was already over
Maybe I’m not ready to be alone yet
But even worse than that is the loneliness together

You’re somewhere else …