Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Schmutzig! Schmutzig!

The tone of the music doesn’t make the coals rich
My leg in bed, good looks
And Venus in sheep skin – is that the prize!?
Then I’d rather save the situation myself

They don’t see the tree for the forest
They speak and dig and every which way
The murder – their duty, the prey – my scalp
And then they sing and dance around the golden calf

Take your hand from my hand
Because it’s dirty! Dirty!
I burn your journal
Because it’s dirty! Dirty!
Only air and lies, to give in, have to last
But deceiving myself wouldn’t be fair
I want more! More! More!

I’m selling my money, I’m selling my money
When I’m holding the reins and the world in the stirrups
Status symbol or soil contact?
Look here, look here – the Kaiser’s naked!

I don’t hear myself, I only hear “me”
Who’s going on the streets? What’s going below the line?
I know the hint, I understand the wink
A thousand flamingos and the sky is pink

Take your hand from my hand …

Then I comb my mane and beat around the bush
Shave my teeth everyday, put my life on stand-by
Your look gets tight, time gets tighter
I’m not slow, I just need longer
I wish it was tomorrow
I wish it was all over

Take your foot out of my door
Because it’s dirty! Dirty!
You shouldn’t mislead innocence
Because you’re dirty! Dirty!
Take your tongue out of my ear
Because it’s dirty! Dirty!
I’ve had enough of your words
They’re dirty! Dirty!
Take your hand from my hand …