Jennifer Rostock U.S.

Who laid you in chains? Chains of silver and gold?
Did you choose it yourself? Did you want it?
Do you stay favorable so you please everyone?
A woman’s weapons direct her toward herself

You learned that you better not break any rules
That you better not break a nail during a fight
Deep voices rise up against you, suppress you
But whoever doesn’t dare say a word, also doesn’t feel the gag

You’re asking what’s the problem? Are we talking straight?
I don’t think my gender is the weaker one
I don’t think that my body is my weapon
I don’t think that my body is your problem

Pull yourself together, it’s not too late
Because a path begins when you first walk it
I’m not a herd animal just because I’m not a stallion
I’m a babe

Don’t trust any systems, don’t trust anyone
Don’t let yourself be tamed with sugar and whips
I’m not a herd animal just because I’m not a stallion
I’m a babe

Festival, mainstage – everything full of VIPs
Record company, executive floor – everything full of VIPs
Very Important Penises – where are the ladies in the business?
Wherever you go – neckties everywhere

It’s been harping on the same way for hundreds of years
The same song the chauvinists party to
They get hammered on testosterone until they puke
I see so many men – and so few balls

Don’t tell me that the topic is old news
You don’t always have to be Alice Schwarzer to understand what the problem is
We live in a man’s joke that’s no laughing matter
Only if it’s told well, nobody notices how dumb it is

Pull yourself together …