Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Silikon gegen Sexismus

I run through the night, through the labyrinth
Strobe light is love – blinds us all
You say the borders blur like ice in champagne
I’ll break every that you taste after me

Who’s getting Prince Charming from his high steed?
I don’t believe in fairy tales – but hear the voiceover
When the clock tower strikes, I’m there again – no carriage, no dress, no caviar
I think I’ll trade the bridal bouquet for burning Molotovs

Uh, uh, call you hounds back
Before I pull the trigger
Uh, uh, leave your home tonight
From the home you’re making for me

I can sell myself, does that make me a product?
Who does my body belong to when the newspaper prints it?
How much can I show off and why should I shame myself?
And you exactly are you, damn it, and what’s your problem?

Uh, uh ..,

Are you coming too close to me? Are you going to far?
Can you see me – behind all the hype
Do you want to sleep with me – for what I’m not?
I could fly off the handle, I just don’t know where to

Uh, uh …