Jennifer Rostock U.S.

You stand in front of my door with a bouquet of neuroses in your hand
And your back to the wall
Each of your steps in on tiptoes
Because your dragon can’t wake up

Every breath under them is a risk
Whatever you say and do – you stay incognito
Their glances burn deep in your wounds like salt
Your heart slips into your pants and beats up to your neck

Even the glance in the mirror is now eerie
Because burned children fear the fire

Armed to the teeth and yet you feel naked
But I’m here and balance with you in the balancing, balancing act

You say you’re mostly apathetic to mutualism
And I grab my irony glasses out of the case
Your heart’s beating faster than mine, because the bodies
In your cellar make mine pale

Uncounted sheep and the monsters in your closet
Keep you awake and make you sick
And the plaster from the walls is already crumbling
And the maggots already gnaw at your silky threads

Even the glance in the mirror …