Jennifer Rostock U.S.

I don’t like the dumb fuss you’re making
When you feel their looks sticking to you
Spin pirouettes in place and chase your own tail
But the resonance is highest in the emptiest vessels

They’ll get wet around the knees when you talk about yourself
And they polish your crown so you don’t lose respect
A thousand words that flatter you – should awaken your interest
And you can’t salivate as much as they want to lick spit

Do you have a light? Do you have a light?
Give me a light and then put your match away
Do you have a light? Do you have a light?
Give me a light and then please go back home
I’d rather smoke the cigarette alone afterwards

You don’t notice how you’re making a parody of yourself
When you smear honey around your own mouth
Don’t relax on your throne, on your testosterone
Because the frogs and its curls are just a hallucination

You raise your leg to everyone, mark your territory
But you’re banging your head against a wall, because I’m an alpha dog
And I won’t dissolve in front of you and I won’t swear you my loyalty
I’m just going to scatter my pearls before your swine tonight

Do you have a light? …

You stir the grumbling in my gut
You aren’t satisfied and I actually know that, too
But you taste as good as smoke and mirrors
Today’s in heat and it’s rubbing off on common sense

Do you have a light? …