Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Mona Lisa

You rise up and spit out your poetry
In every setting
With a pretense of sympathy
You squeeze the camel through social calculus
Comfort happens, that makes you photogenic
It’s a pointless idea
Your ego’s directing
But nobody wants to see this film

Mona Lisa doesn’t know her creator
Mona Lisa doesn’t know her creator
No fooling around with Rock’n’Roll
My rocker’s going full throttle
Don’t pretend with me

I’m fed up with taking a lot out of you
Perfectly hidden and we’re harmonizing
But I want us to annoy each other
And pelt heavy metals
Time will tell come assassination
The bomb’s ticking, I’m the red wire
Come cut me back or don’t
I nab you, then I have you

Mona Lisa …

In the back of the phalanx of ignorance
The monkey can do it, it can do the dumb fuss
The hand in stride is all the rage
But everything has its end, only sausage has two
You quickly recognized the bigger picture
Never burned your skin on Moses’ fire
You’ve got good sight and a mouth of morals
But you shouldn’t speak with your mouth full

Mona Lisa …