Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Wer Hätte Das Gedacht!?

The sun drops from the sky and I cut the time into slices
I’ve tried more than often enough to say goodbye to you
You swear fireworks and violins and, what’s left, is cold smoke
But I don’t really understand and kick my heels

I breathe miles of words into your ear
But no matter how much I breathe, you stay silent and leave me to stew
I can jump, I can kick and turn all day
But your cold shoulder freezes my blood

Your feeling fascinated me in our first night
The feeling’s gone, the bonds aren’t – who’d’ve thought that?

Every just-so-short glance from you moves me back a step
But I’m stuck on you and I’m not getting free again
No track left by the fire that I fell for at some point
You let the cart go and exile armor

Your feeling fascinated me …