Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Schlag Alarm

The shark, he has teeth – a perceptive soul
But how is his bite useful when he forgot how to bite?

The earth sways when it spins
the scale stays obnoxiously sloped
But a soft bed makes up for the doubt
use your brain; there’s a problem

Close the windows because the world is loud
we’re burning until the chimney smokes
But the fire that’s warming you today
will devour your skin tomorrow

The air gets thin, the floor’s already getting warm
Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm!
Does no one else have a plan?

The earth shakes, the truss is in flames
Everything here is collapsing in the same way
And you didn’t do anything

Sound the alarm!

We came in, we looked around
the door snapped shut, what, were we stupid?
Life here stupified you
provides shelter for your senselessness

The truth seeps through
and drips like rain on corrugated iron
The roof that keeps you warm today
falls on your head tomorrow

The air gets thin …

The shark had plans and political flair
But the shark has migraines and doesn’t go out anymore

The air gets thin …