Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Der Horizont

I drive through alleys that don’t bring me any further than their end
on the side of the road, I see people wringing their hands
but I don’t need a friend, a passenger
Thoughts above me that get startled and fly timidly
in the branches of trees that cross themselves
many too-young names line the streets

I’ve tried to project my future into the distance
to set my sights on an end
but I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t do it

Because the horizon is just a line in the landscape
no end, no goal
no silver lining, no running rampant
Just a line in the landscape
not much otherwise
no ray of hope, no glimmer of hope

Just a new day
breaks out of the clouds
a new day
that doesn’t deliver anything because it doesn’t promise anything

Behind us, the shadows that we throw purposefully
the past on which we grind our glances
my look is sharp and defenseless like no other
Out there I see median lines spreading
they follow each other in order to resemble one another
I don’t know how far, and less, how much further

I’ve tried to project a vanishing point into the distance
to improvise an escape there
but I couldn’t do it, I could do it

Because the horizon …

One last breath that runs through our hands and yet doesn’t come to an end
the sharpened look blurred in tears, we were blinded by tears
and our eternity is just a blink, we won’t have time forever
we tried to fold the clock face
to split the hair on the timeline
and couldn’t do it
we couldn’t, we couldn’t do it

Because the horizon …

Just a new day
broke out of the clouds
a new day
that didn’t deliver anything because it didn’t promise anything
A new day, a new day
that was afraid of itself