Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Ein Schmerz und Eine Kehle

You lower your gaze, your voice and your blade
You have calluses on your forehead, just defended yourself constantly
Doubts ripple around your temples, graying
Because the way we’re going is seldom asphalted

What kind of hands are those that grab the back of your neck?
What kind of feet hack at your heels while running?
You start to unravel, get distracted
Your hands, bloody again, are just hands, no paws

But you have to have bashed you knees up often enough
Until you realize that weak knees won’t carry you
Have we burdened ourselves too much with this weight in our gut
And all the vague questions we don’t dare ask?

Who shuffled, marked the cards like this?
Look at it this way: Who screwed the dealer like that?
The karma’s corrupt, the drama’s a hoot
But when you scream, you don’t scream alone

One pain and one throat
We are one pain and one throat
We are one pain and one throat

Didn’t you hear the shot? It was a weak start
But defeats, uneasiness make the weak strong
Nothing makes it as hard as the time you have revenge
Everything’s under control, the main theme’s made of barbed wire

Gangrene and the rage at your reflection
Without a bandage, the hemorrhage will surely never be nursed
The hands in your pockets always clenched
For every imperfection, a nail clawed into the skin

If you let yourself go, then you put down breadcrumbs
So that you find your way home every evening
But the way home is dark and tainted with guilt
If you go into yourself, then don’t go unarmed

Who covered up the truth with make-up, overacted?
In general: Who cost you your freedom?
The years in prison, the realization in the end
No matter how loud you scream, the guards remain deaf

One pain and one throat …

What I want and what I want, those are two different things
I’m not afraid except on the roof when I force myself there
But my legs are getting weak, what makes me so weak
Isn’t the fear that I’ll fall, it’s the fear that I’ll jump

One pain and one throat …