Jennifer Rostock U.S.

Cable car timetables, well-known maps
Head full of bad deeds, pockets full of deposit tokens
Go home, sleep it off, it’s already late

Reaction time, closing time, buy the last round
Until I’m the last one, well-known wounds tear open
Go home, sleep it off, as well as possible

I’m the last shadow that still wanders through the alleyways
In my hand, a light that will fade with time
Let the match burn as long as possible

I take the final train, go this distance again
At home, blanket over my head and stare at the cover
The key’s inserted, I lock you out, but it’s too late

You’re so loud in my head and everything’s spinning
I try to forget you, but it doesn’t work
I lie awake and remain helpless
What should I do? You make me sleepless

The silence pesters me, it tears me apart
Count the hours until morning and I don’t know
What has to happen? I remain helpless
What should I do? You make me sleepless

Midnight, mental cinema, Super Eight projection
But the thoughts are asynchronous in vision and sound
A projector that only works splutteringly

The wallpaper in the rooms doesn’t stop reminding
Your shadows are still here and flicker
As if projected on the walls through hidden apertures

The film strips are stuck in the same loops
The pictures jump like an insect that doesn’t get helped
The buzzing bewilders me and it keeps me awake

Limbs get warm as if feverish, breath cold
What digs barbs into my sheets
Is the fear of the night and what it does with me

You’re so loud in my head …