Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Wenn der Vodka Zweimal Klingelt

I look for the spirit in every glass, I go deep to the bottom
You’re poison for my senses, but your poison makes me healthy
Every shirt has its mesh, every prize has its worth
And the deeper I look into the glass, the higher my heart beats

You sing of love, you sing of grief, you always just sing as a pair
But these songs are too simple for me
I’m not interested in either the names or where they came from
I only know they’re coming again

More red wine than moonshine, more revue than rendezvous
I’m attached to your lips, no one whispers as beautifully as you
Fading like the flowers that wilt when you pick them
No, you aren’t the peacock, you’re the feathers that decorate him

And if I like the apple, our idyll decays
If a wolf in the forest that wants to knock me off the path, falls into my line of sight
It’s hard for me to resist
God, don’t take this cup away from me

I look for the spirit in every glass …