Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Ich Will Hier Raus

jennifer-rostock_ich-will-hier-rausIch Will Hier Raus is a limited-release EP, put out two and a half months before Jennifer Rostock’s debut single, Kopf Oder Zahl. While this can be purchased from European music distributors, including Amazon and iTunes, digitally, it does not appear to be available anywhere else worldwide, although it was also released on vinyl. (The vinyl can be found on Amazon or eBay every once in a blue moon.)

Release Date: 09 November 2007
Record Company: Planet Roc

  1. Ich Will Hier Raus [ 02:40 ]
  2. Kopf Oder Zahl [ 02:23 ]
  3. Ich Will Hier Raus (Robot Koch Remix) [ 05:49 ]
  4. Ich Will Hier Raus (Aves Remix) [ 05:19 ]

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