Jennifer Rostock U.S.
Live bei den Telekom Street Gigs

jennifer-rostock_live-bei-den-telekom-street-gigsLive bei den Telekom Street Gigs is another live EP released by Jennifer Rostock. It was recorded during their show at the Marburg Botanical Gardens on 24 October 2011 for Telekom Street Gigs. The EP was only released in Europe digitally, and is hard to find online.

This performance was the first of the Mit Haur und Haar tour in 2011.

Release Date: 02 December 2011
Record Company: Warner Music Group Germany

  1. Meine Bessere Hälfte (Live) [ 03:46 ]
  2. Ich Kann Nicht Mehr (Live) [ 03:22 ]
  3. Nenn Mich Nicht Jenny (Live) [ 04:21 ]
  4. 3 Millionen Schatten (Live) [ 03:17 ]