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Sep 16
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Tomorrow is the day Genau in diesem Ton is finally released!

The Stressen auf Rädern club tour is already on its way to stop #3 – Berlin – after having begun on Tuesday. Some people have noticed a change in the band’s line-up from the two shows that were already played, but it was soon explained: The reason Elmar is on guitar for the shows (he’s usually backstage) is because our dear Alex is going to be a father soon! On this note: Congratulations, Alex!

In other news related to the tour, the setlist includes seven songs from the new album, three of which haven’t already been posted or played live before. It was posted on Instagram as one of those short-term videos:

  • Irgendwas ist immer
  • Feuer
  • Der Kapitän
  • Silikon gegen Sexismus
  • K.B.A.G.
  • Wir sind alle nicht von hier
  • Kaleidoskop
  • Deiche
  • Himalaya
  • Uns gehört die Nacht
  • Ein Schmerz und eine Kehle
  • I Love You, but I’ve Chosen Dispo
  • Wir waren hier
  • Es war nicht alles schlecht

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