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Mar 16
Andie Band Member Update, Photo Comments Off on Photography Book ‘Nothing to Hide’ with Jennifer and Chris

Photographer Arkadiusz Goniwiecha released his first photobook last month called ‘Nothing to Hide.’ The photos are of various celebrities’ hand tattoos, and a description goes with each that includes the explanation behind the tattoo(s). Two of those celebrities are Jennifer Weist and Chris “Kotze” Kohl; in a preview to the book (the preview is available here), Kotze tells why he got his tattoos. I’ve translated the text quickly:


The German drummer, who I’d only experienced onstage with Jennifer Rostock, was on my list since the beginning of my series. But I’d continuously miss Chris »Kotze« after concerts or lose sight of him at festivals. When I saw the Düsseldorf punk band Rogers in Dresden at the end of June 2015, due to their performing as the opening act for Jennifer Rostock, I finally came into contact with Chris. During the main band’s show, I was already editing the first photos of the night. All of the musicians and crew sat backstage after the concerts. I succeeded in finally telling the drummer about my photo series and asking if I could get a portrait of him. From the background, singer Jennifer Weist shouted that he shouldn’t think about it for so long, and just let me get a shot of him. Said and done.

Afterwards, he told me why he chose the symbols for his hands: »Kotzreiz is the wonderful-sounding name of one of my bands. The number of letters coincidentally fit on my fingers. I got the gramophone tattooed because I like music and the kraken wrapped around a ship because I like ship-embracing krakens.«

The book itself is available for purchase in Arkadiusz’ shop.

(I found the photo on Ich pfeif’ drauf, ich pfeif’ mir lieber noch n’ Sekt rein on Facebook.)

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